Dear customers and visitors,
Caretta caravans are the future allowing you to sleep in a 5 star room in the middle of nature.

They have all the advantages: 

  • Economic
    Cheap insurance, easy to repair, no need to drive a powerful car.
  • Ecological
    The low consumption of your car protects the environment.
  • Lightweight
    Less than 700 kgs, no need for special driver's license.
  • Easy to handle
    Stands on any standard car park space.
  • Easy to handle on the road
    By its small size, it goes like a car on the highway in some European countries and therefore do not pay the tax.
  • Unnoticed
    You can use it for your work or for leisure purposes.
  • At your convenience
    You can order your caravan with the colors and options you want.
  • Resistant
    The body is built of fiberglass. Repairs are inexpensive and hail, have no effect.

In Switzerland, Caretta is the only caravan that all new young drivers can tow (no need to wait for the test permit and no need for the E license).
We offer the true camping, close to nature, the pleasure of being away from your city life while maintaining a maximum comfort. With the awning, you'll be able to sleep up to 6 people (4 people guarantee) without incurring cooking smells or toilet since they are separated. The shower is independent with ample space that you will not have in a motorhome or a standard caravan with a salon measuring 2m20 x 2m.

For information in Spanish law does not allow you to go with a large vehicle with a trailer, unless you have a heavyweight driver license. The total weight of the two vheicules must not exceed the gross weight of the towing vehicle. With a Caretta caravan, you do not know this kind of problem.

With Caretta, we offer a journey into the future and close to nature.